Get to know us

El Pecado

The company Desartis T. & Co, which is based in Thiva has been operating since 2006. With high quality standards and respect towards the consumer, the company has been involved in importing, producing and packaging of spices and aromatic herbs.

Τhe Aroma Journey has just Begun

The company is evolving in a dynamic way, aiming to develop and establish itself in the market.


In specific, the Desartis T & Co. is implanting the Food Safety Quality Management System ELOT EN ΕΝ ΙSO 22000:2018.


Upon entering our space, all kinds of smells from spices hit you.

And you start to create pictures with your brain.

We all have them, in our kitchens.

Whether it is pepper, garlic or nutmeg…

or vanilla for making our desserts.


Have you ever wondered how all these spices are packaged

and how do they end up on the Super Market shelves

and eventually in our homes?